The Door

Day 4

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Today we are gonna set up our secret base. So, we started with the first step – cleaning. I split the responsibilities between us.

  1. Kevin will go and bring the cleaning robots Roomba and Braava from my house to the basement.
  2. Leo’s isn’t afraid of insects and so, his job is to clear out the spider webs and other insects.
  3. Victor, BB and I will clear out the basement so that we get more space for our activities.

We noticed a smaller room another floor down from the basement. “That is where we can move all this stuff” I said “Com’on Victor, let us go check that room out!”. As we moved next to the entrance, we heard a strange noise. “GRRRR….”

“HELP!!! A Monster!!!” cried out Victor

Leo almost fell from his ladder hearing that. He ran to us and asked what happened.
Victor was talking to himself “There is a monster down there… in that room down there… there is something down there… down there… down… thrrr”


and went inside the room with a torch like a brave cowboy!

There came no sound from that room for at least 5 minutes and then we heard.

“Ahhhhhh… what on earth?”

Leo shouted! Followed by that growl.

As Victor and I ran towards the torchlight, Victor shouted “We told you there is a monster down there”. We pulled Leo up from the floor. And then, we all heard the snarl again. This time, we felt like it is approaching us.




Our eyes were almost popping out with fear! And then it happened…


Krogress is Leo’s pet dog; he is a Hovawart that Leo’s dad brought from Germany.

“I almost assumed this has something to do with my sweet little monster.” Leo said “BB, come here, we will get you something to play with”

Victor gave him one of the RC cars to play with until we clear up the basement. Anyway, the small room was not so small, it has enough space to keep all those things we don’t want in the basement. So, we started moving stuff but let me tell you this: It is NOT easy to take out the junk just after you had a nightmarish incident.

By now, Kevin returned with the bots and put them down to clean the floor. After an exceptionally long period of progress in quietness,

We heard another scream!

It was Kevin this time and for a first, it was NOT because of BB but Leo. Leo took one of the spiders from the ceiling and showed it to Kevin which freaked him out. I went around to them and told Leo to get back clearing as we don’t have all day left before we got to get back to our homes.

I turned back to see BB standing very quietly looking at the wall. “That is not common of him” I thought. And so, I asked “BB, are you okay?”



Hearing that Victor, Leo and Kevin also came around.

“What happened to him?”

“I don’t know Leo. That is what I am asking him too”

Leo went closer to BB and asked him “My boy, what happened? Tell me”

“Leo, my car went right through that wall” said BB

“WHAAATTTTT??” each and everyone shouted at the same time

Victor was like “Oh BB, don’t find some funny excuse for losing our car.”

“Not to worry BB, we will get Krogress to sniff it out” told Leo “Victor, for now, please give him something else to play with”.

As we were about to get back to our jobs, BB shouted


And as we were looking at the wall he was pointing to,

The car came back into the room right through the wall – just like there is no wall there at all!

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Advaith Nair

Advaith Nair


AbhimanyuAdvaith NairArjun NairavatarJyothis NairavataravataravatarMini NairDead🙃
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12 replies
  1. Minnu
    Minnu says:

    Great writing advaith😍.Full of suspense and thrill with awesome illustrations.Keep writing more my dear adu😍 and waiting how the suspense unfolds

  2. Rishan
    Rishan says:

    Nice job! I liked ur drawings a lot and the stories are really funny. I’m sure BB looked pretty scary when he was sitting on Krogress lol. I’m looking forward to reading more of these 🙂

  3. Jyothi
    Jyothi says:

    Hi mone, great story as usual! But this episode was full of suspense and mystery, kept me on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait to see what happens next 😊

  4. Jyotsna
    Jyotsna says:

    Hmmm…The Secret Base gotta lot of secrets in it. The cute little BB is a hero, yeah. Loved reading this suspense thriller episode, Shiva dear 😊

  5. Dead🙃
    Dead🙃 says:

    very matured writing Shiva…!
    BB sitting on Krogress..Lol..that was funny.
    Suspense again in the World Beyond is it?


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