World Beyond

Day 4

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As BB drove the car back, right through the wall, it was our turn to stand like statues!










After few seconds of awestruck-ness, we all ran at the same time to inspect the wall. Well, all except Kevin – the scaredy cat! He is skeptical about everything in this world. By the way,

You can either call me stupid or brave!

Because I am the only one who is trying to inspect the wall up close. Everyone else is keeping their distance! Even my wingman Leo! Victor is very keen to see what happens next – by pushing me to push harder! Yea!😤 I pushed it extremely hard, but nothing happened.

“There must be a pressure plate somewhere” I thought.

“Everyone!!! Move back to the positions you were standing earlier”

“One of us must have activated some kind of switch which opened some kind of door

“And you, BB, you try to drive the car through the wall again.”

“How is that going to help?”

“Let me finish Kevin” I said “After that, one by one, we will move out of our place. If the door doesn’t work when one of us moves, that means there is a switch.”

“Gotcha!!! That’s a brilliant idea!” Leo exclaimed!

As we moved out of our position one by one, we found that it was Leo who activated the switch.

Kevin, Victor and I moved closer to see what he is standing on.

“There is nothing here!”

“I don’t see anything either!”

“What is going on!”

All of us were puzzled as we didn’t find anything special about the place Leo was standing over – no switch, no marks, nothing we read in books, watched in movies or ever imagined. It is just another tile on the floor!

“Mmm… still, we should mark this place so that we know its location” I said.

Hearing that Victor ran down to the smaller room shouting “I saw a spray paint bottle when we were clearing out the junk. Let me go bring it.”

I marked a circle around Leo.

“Bring down your parents Leo. We should tell them about our discovery and …” told Kevin.

“Hold it, Kevin!” Leo interrupted “Guys, what do you think of this? Let us first checkout what is in there.”

“YES!!! I am with you; this could be our first REAL adventure.” I agreed with Leo.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this. What do you think?” Kevin asked Victor.

“It is not a bad idea. But… ” Victor stopped for a second and then continued “… let us not go in first. We will try to see what is on the other side using my CamPro. I can fix it on the car and drive it through. We can see the live stream on my mobile which I can fix on top of the remote control.”

“Brilliant idea. Let us do it!” We all agreed.

This time we asked BB to stand on the switch while Victor drives the car. As it passed through the wall, all our eyes were on Victor’s mobile … curious to discover the other side.


said Victor

The tunnel is actually quiet dark with a very bright spot far away. Suddenly we heard some noise, and the video went all black.

Kevin screamed first! Followed by all of us!!!

As we calmed down, Leo said “The car might have hit some stone or wall.”

“I think there is something in there. And, I am definitely not going in.” Kevin disagreed.

“Actually, now I am keener to know what is in there. I am going in.” said Leo.

“STOP arguing guys! Think of what else we can do!” I told everyone

Then it hit me “Victor, shall we send in the drone?”

Victor again went into his thinking mode for a second and then hesitantly agreed.

He wore his FPV goggles and sent the drone through the wall. As it passed through, all of us shouted at Victor.

“What do you see Victor?”

“NOTHING!!!” Victor shouted back. “It is very dark in here. Thank god I fitted the drone with LEDs yesterday! Now I can see the car… it is upside down and the camera is missing. Interesting… there is nothing here for the car hit or fall over… it is not even near the wall! Looks like this place is full of creepy… crawling… insects! or not? Are those insects? They look strange and… move very fast in packs! Anyway, I am going to fly towards that white light before the LEDs drain the battery out.”

… … …

All of us are now staring at Victor (who was making weird faces flying the drone through the tunnel). After few minutes of silence, all of a sudden Victor fell back on the sofa behind him as if someone pushed him hard!

“WHAT!!! Oh my god!!! WOOOWW!!!” Victor exclaimed loudly.

And… we are still staring at his weird face! But, this time he looks all happy – as if he found what he likes the most!

Tell me what is real?

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Advaith Nair

Advaith Nair


avatarJyothis NairavatarDead🙃Mini Nair
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  1. Minnu
    Minnu says:

    Wow my dear adu a real roller coaster happenings taking place.waiting to see what victor saw that had made his face beam😊

  2. Jyotsna
    Jyotsna says:

    Tell me what’s next!!! Katta waiting for the next episode to know what Victor saw and was happy about.


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