The Secret Base

Day 4

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Oh, did you get the hint last time? You may go checkout the icons in the order Fun – Accident – Tension – 25/25. The E-mail mum received was from my school. Mum and dad are so proud that I got 25/25 in Math test (only thing dad cares about my studies is Math! He never misses a chance to link something or the other to it every single day). Anyway, that saved me from all those troubles I created that morning.

Back to the present now! Today let us shift gears,

Let the real adventuring begin

It all started… wait… first I got introduce you to my friends. Here comes

– smart scaredy cat –

– the gadget widget –

– my side kick –

So, it all started when we were at the park (not the national park, this is the park where the wolf incident happened – the pond park next to our home). Even BB was there. But this time, believe it or not, BB didn’t cry!

We kept him busy with something he loves to do – EAT!

By the way, notice that drone Victor is flying? It is the latest version of the Draken drones. AND IT COMES WITH FPV!

Kevin always tell us stories about 4 kids and a dog from a great book he reads every other day – Famous Five. They go on different adventures, investigates curious topics, solves puzzles and all that. Sometimes they get into troubles too – well, there is at least one thing they have in common with us.

So, we wondered, can we also become ADVENTURERS?

We decided to try! But we got two more stones to move until we become adventurers:

  1. Who should be the leader?
  2. What to do with BB?

I am glad that all my friends decided that I should be the leader because I watch a lot of spy movies with mum. We only have 1 more left, a small but BIG one. Me and Leo want BB to join but Kevin and Victor think that he would mess up something or cry.

Leo said “Let us give him some incentive for good behaviors.”

“What incentive?! He won’t accept any! I am sure!!!!” told Kevin.

“I got an idea!” I said, “If he behaves, I will share half of my screen time with him so that he can play his favorite game ‘Astro playroom’ longer”.”

“Mmm, that might work!” Victor nodded

So we all agreed to have BB in the team 🙂

Now that we have a team, we should set up a secret base for planning our adventures. Well, that’s how it works, I think! Leo said we could use his basement as a secret base and so we all headed straight to his home. You wouldn’t believe how BIG his basement is. One could fit 30 Mudkips and 2 Charizards there.

BB shouted “Wow! That is a big rooom for all those treasures we will collect”

“Shhhhhhh BB! No one knows this is our secret base!”

warned Kevin “See, I told you he will bring us trouble!”

I was like “It is okayyyy, no one can hear us from here. But, as of now, the only real spy gadget we have is the drone. We need a lot more like grappling hook, walkie talkies, binoculars etc.”

“Let us use my spy toys until we earn enough money to buy real spy gadgets.” offered Victor


I said, “Let us start cleaning the basement and setting up the place for our upcoming adventures” – there goes my first decision as the leader of the pack. And friends,

Get ready! The real adventure begins today!

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Advaith Nair


AbhimanyuMini NairavatarGowri ManojDead🙃avataravatarAdvaith NairJyothis Nair
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  1. Clint
    Clint says:

    Been reading & following the stories now for a couple of weeks and nothing short of fantastic! Loving the drawings and storyline – cant wait to see where we*re headed next!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Anton
    Anton says:

    Secret hideout location! Good start to your new adventures. Curious to see how things unfold! Does your gang have a name?


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